Bella's Menu

Antipasti * Pre-starter


Mixed *Olives Marinated in Garlic, Chilli & Herbs £4.95

(*pitted but may contain stones)

Basket of Bread with Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar – small £3.95 * large £5.95


Ciabatta Garlic Bread (serves one) £6.95


Pizza Garlic Bread £9.95


Cheesy Pizza Garlic Bread £10.95




Insalata Caprese (VG) Fresh Mozzarella served with sliced tomatoes & fresh rocket and a splash of Virgin Olive Oil & Pesto dressing £12.95


Melone e Speck – Honeycomb Melon served with sliced aromatic smoked ham from Trento and fruit coulis £13.95


Salmone alla Genovese – Smoked Scottish salmon served with capers dressing, creamy basil mascarpone and toasted crouton £13.95


Antipasto Misto Italiano – Parma Ham, Bresaola, Salami Milano, Salami Napoli, speck, mixed olives, artichoke on a bed of leaves & salad £14.95


Carpaccio di Manzo – Sliced matured English Beef marinated for 90 days, topped with with dried mushrooms, lemon dressing, rocket and Parmiggiano £14.95


Buratta Amalfitana  – Speciality Buratta made from Buffalo Mozzarella served with Parma Ham & sun-dried tomato and rocket salad £14.95






Zuppa del Giorno – Homemade Soup of the day served with bread £ 8.95


Cozze alla Napoletana – Fresh Maldon mussels drowned in rich fruity white wine, cooked with cherry tomatoes, chilly & garlic sauce £11.95


Calamari Fritti – Fresh Squid rings, battered, deep fried served with homemade tartar sauce £11.95


Asparagi al Prosciutto Crudo di Parma – Fresh asparagus baked with Parma Ham, a touch of butter and Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia £13.95


Funghi Farciti (VG) – Portobello Mushrooms topped with spinach, sweet peppers and baked with goat’s cheese £13.95







Melanzane alla Parmigiana (VG)

Sliced aubergine baked with tomato, basil and baked with Fontina cheese & Parmesan cheese £24.95


Maiale al Forno

Slowly cooked rolled pork belly served with wild mushroom, fresh spinach and cream sauce £29.95


Rib Eye (14 oz.) – English Beef Steak grilled to your choice £35.95 


Filetto (11 oz.) - Fillet of English Beef grilled to your choice £38.95


We have a superb choice of homemade sauces, please choose from:


Pepe Verde - Green Peppercorn, brandy, Dijon mustard £3.95


Funghi Foresta - Wild mushroom sauce £3.95



Dolcelatte sauce, stronger cheese flavour for your pleasure £3.95


Filetto Rossini (minimum 11 oz.)

Grilled fillet of English beef served on crouton, duck & port pate garnished with Girolles mushrooms and slices of black truffle, finished with a Madeira demi-glace sauce £43.95


Pollo alla Diavola

Free range chicken breast marinated in chilli and spices with tomato, garlic, olive oil & chilli sauce served with lemon & dill crushed potatoes £26.95


Pollo alla Primavera

Free-range chicken Supreme cooked in a beautiful shredded smoked salmon, garlic, white wine & cream sauce £26.95


Pollo alla Milanese

 Tenderised breast of free-range chicken in breadcrumbs served with spaghetti Bolognese £26.95


Branzino alla Griglia con Asparagi

Wild Sea bass fillets pan-fried, served on a bed of freshly grilled asparagus with a drizzle of vinaigrette £29.95



* * * * * *


                                                                          PASTA & RISOTTO


Linguine all’Aragosta – Linguini with fresh lobster cooked in white wine, garlic & touch of tomato, slightly spicy £35.95


Risotto allo Scoglio – Beautifully made Seafood risotto with calamari, king prawns, scallop, mussels, cherry tomatoes, touch of chilli, touch of garlic £35.95


Risotto Vegetariano (VG) – Risotto cooked with asparagus, garden peas, courgette and carrots, touch of cream, finished off with rocket salad & Parmiggiano Reggiano shaves £23.95


Lasagna Vegetariana (VG) – baked layers of homemade pasta topped with a medley of seasonable vegetables & Parmesan £24.95


Lasagna Casareccia – baked layers of homemade pasta topped with Bolognese & white sauce, Parmesan and Mozzarella £25.95


Gnocchi ai Porcini (VG) – Potato dumplings cooked in a cream sauce with Porcini mushrooms, basil & aubergine £24.95


Penne Arrabbiata (VG)- Penne Pasta, garlic, chilli & cherry tomatoes £22.95


. We will complement your main course with potatoes, carrots, and green beans.

 (apart from the risotto, pasta dishes or those containing pasta)


* We do not exchange the complimentary vegetables for other side dishes.

Please note that the menus do not list all ingredients.

If you have any specific dietary requirements or intolerances, please ask a senior member of staff who will be happy to assist.




Courgettes sautéed in garlic & olive oil £5.95, Sautéed green Peas and shallots £5.95


Daily Vegetables & Potatoes £5.95, Lyonnaise Potatoes with pancetta £6.95


Fresh Sautéed Asparagus £8.95, Skinny fries £5.95


Spinach Sautéed with cream & garlic £5.95


Mixed Mushrooms cooked in garlic; butter & parsley £5.95


Rocket Salad served with Parmesan shavings £5.95, Mixed Salad with olive oil dressing £5.95


Tomato & Onion Salad, fresh basil & extra virgin olive oil £5.95


 Please note that we do not exchange the complimentary vegetables for other side dishes.